Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2009 Summer Sheds!

Since I have been back in the country, I have been busy busy with shed construction! In Moscow I completed an 8x8 shed with a 6ft wall and a loft inside and a work bench (pictured below)

Here's a quote from David and his new shed:

"Hi Mark,
The shed looks fantastic! It is coming together better then I expected, so yes, it has and will meet my expectations! Thank you. I will make sure to tell everyone about it and when they come over I will tell them who did it."

The next project underway is a 10x16 shed in Nine mile falls... HUGE! Notice the extra floor reinforcement to uphold a small lawn tractor... Not to mention a nice view to surround my work area!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Thinking of Purchasing a Shed? What you need to Know:

Due to sheet goods coming in 4x8 sheets, I build sheds in 4ft increments. Some call it “green” or business efficiency, I call it common sense. Generally I recommend building 8ft wide by 8’,12’ or 16’ deep. (I can build wider but it will involve more waste and be more expensive per sq. foot.) The other option of getting more storage space with less sq. footage is going to a 5-6 ft wall and adding a loft.

All Sheds include: Your choice of exterior/trim color, color of architectural shingles, 16 sq ft bench or custom shelving, they sit off the ground on 4”x4” or 4”x6” runners, door latch/hardware included…

Things to consider if interested in purchasing a shed:
*Is your location accessible for a trailer for a delivery?
*Is the location adjacent to another building?
*I can build during the winter months but the temperature must hold at 45 degrees for a couple hours if you want it painted…
*I can build on site in as little as two days.
*Location, location, location! I l build out of Moscow ID and Spokane WA. The further away you are, the more fuel it will take me to build/deliver.
* Questions? Please Ask! There is no obligation to buy when you contact me!

Still interested? Please e-mail for a quote.

I look forward to doing business with you!

First Built Shed

Here's the first shed I built for my personal use: It is an 8x8 floor with 6 ft walls and a loft (which feels like it doubles the capacity) The upgrades that I used were two windows, a steel exterior door, cupalo, cedar shake facing, widows peak, and custom lettering/number.

History of Company

When I moved into a new rental house I did not have enough space for my tool storage so I decided to build a shed. I went to a neighbor's house to get dimensions on the rafters of his shed and VIOLA! I had my first shed built.

It was not long after I built my personal shed, that I started building one with my class at work. (I teach shop classes in a public High School) So pretty soon I had some friends ask about me building sheds for them and before I knew it I had 5 sheds built!

I found that I love building for multiple reasons. I need to relieve stress when I get home from working with JR high and High School Students all day. And I love how quickly they take shape and get finished! It feels good to start in the morning with a pile of lumber and by afternoon have a fully framed and enclosed structure.

In January of 2008, I made the company Sawyer's Sheds, and I pride my products on lasting craftsmanship but I think my greatest selling point vs. the box stores is the word custom: The cheapest shed that I will build you will still have your custom choice of exterior color, trim color and roofing color. If you really want to go custom, I've made windows, skylights, wood lettering, exterior doors, cedar shake facing, cupalos... If you think it up, there's a good chance I'll build it!